A little about Borges:

1997 to 1999 - Celebrity Photographer
During his stint as Chief of Photography and Technical Director for the Internet Press Service News, Ivan Borges came to be known as the "Photographer of the Stars." That handle was well earned. Not many photographers can match the amount of exclusive photos of super celebrities that Ivan has taken. He's 'lensed' Claudia Schiffer, Tyra Banks, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Madonna, Will Smith, Mick Jagger, Elton John and many, many other luminaries.

1999 to Present - Still Life and Fashion
Borges expanded his expertise into still life and fashion photography. He created his own unique style of studio lighting. Crisp, bright and flattering. He developed a wonderful repoire with the models and actors, both male and female. His charming personality, patience and creativity made his subjects feel at ease. Even with high-strung models and actors his manner and tone of direction inspired them to express themselves freely and move with abandonment.

Borges draws inspiration from Impressionist artists like Rousseau, Gauguin and Degas. Other important influences include the Chiaroscuro modeling method, legendary portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh and M.E. Chevreul, whose seminal book, The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colors defined the relationship between light and color.

Borges inherited his "Semper Fi - can do" attitude from his service in the United States Marine Corps.

Business Partner

Douglas Liss

Doug walked up on the stage at a black tie event at Lincoln Center in New York City and accepted an award for Best Director from The International Film and Television Festival of New York. He is most proud of that award but it wasn’t his first major industry award nor was it his last.

Doug won some major kudos from award shows like the Clio’s, Art Directors Show, Advertising Award Show, One Show.

Doug earned his stripes working at some of the best-of-the-best advertising agencies in the world. Shops like Carl Alley, Rosenfield Sirowitz and Larson, McCann Erickson and his own ad agency Spade and Archer. Spade and Archer along with Wells, Rich & Green and Della Faminna and Travasanno were subjects of a cover story in Newsweek entitled the “The Creative Revolution.”

Doug garnered a vast amount of experience in just about every aspect of TV commercial, film and print production in his capacity as an Art Director, Film Director, Photographer, Casting Director and pre and post Film and Video Producer.

Doug learned the old show biz adage, ”If what you produce doesn’t produce money, you won’t be producing it for long.” For the last 10 years, Doug has been working in the business end of the production. He was the President and principal of Creative Services, Inc. a company that’s involved in still image photography, print and film production, casting and screenplay development, and Internet website development.

The client list of companies that Doug has done work for looks like a list of the top Fortune 500:

Time Magazine, ABC Radio, Alfa Romeo, Harley-Davidson, Honda Motorcycles, American Motors, Brown Forman, Carter Wallace, Ciba-Geigy, Corning Ware, Covenant Insurance, Cutty Sark, Dannon, Equity Life, Finlandia Vodka, General Foods, Heinz, Hoffman Laroche, Janzen, JVC, Kayser Roth, Kodak, Mazola, MacDonalds, RJR Foods, SAS Airlines, Sony, USA Cable, Volvo, Village Voice, Kodak, Purdue Frederick Company, Madison Square Garden, Oracle, www.woofs.org

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